A painter who manipulates and experiments with paints and mediums to create a new, fresh artwork called Intuitive Fluidity or “Float”.

As I was seeking respite from the world of business, I found myself longing to create something artistic when I began painting seriously about 25 years ago. I studied the European Masters, Impressionism, Realism and took an intensive course in Art History at the Indianapolis Museum of Art where I became a docent.

I was fortunate enough to begin my study in painting with Indiana Artist NA Noel. As she was and still is a great friend of mine, we didn’t have class, we painted together most days and on into the night. My years of painting with NA were invaluable. I also studied with Denise Pettee and several other artists in painting groups in Indianapolis and then later in Santa Fe, when I moved there. I also traveled with artists, painting in Europe and New Zealand.

Somewhere in the latter part of all of this, for 5 years, I lived in the interior of Panama where I worked with 5 artists, taught classes in art and became the only foreigner to be honored at the annual Arte en el Parque in the city of Penonome. My work was represented there in Panama City by the Arlene Lachman Gallery. Many beautiful Pacific seascapes and rainy season cloudscapes evolved from my days of peaceful painting in Panama. However, I was not painting plein air. I would take in the beautiful scenes in my mind’s eye and produce them intuitively when I got to the canvas. I was always surprised as to what would show up as I painted.” Oh, there is that trip to …..!”

I brought these landscapes, seascapes and clouds of my mind back to New Mexico as I had developed a style of painting and layering atmosphere to make clouds that were quite satisfying, I sold them for a few years in my own gallery in Santa Fe.

But, as artists will, I grew in my experimentation and my work began to change. The boundaries had to be broadened and the rules had to break! I now am painting in a freer process that I have developed and named “Intuitive Fluidity”, but I call it “FLOAT” for short!

MK Hargrove