MKHargrove – painter

When I was a little girl growing up in Louisiana, my aunt remarked, “Why that Marilyn, her head is always in the clouds”. She had no idea how prophetic her words would turn out to be!

In meditation many years later, as I was searching for “purpose” in my life, I asked the question, “What am I supposed to be doing?” Miraculously in my mind, I saw the letters P-A-I-N-T. I bought paint and canvases that very day and began studying painting.

Years later, when I found my voice as an artist, I found my head once again in the clouds. I painted the hot fiery skies of New Mexico, the tranquil skies of Indiana, the pink skies of Paris or the rainy skies of Panama. My memory and imagination of these and all the skies I have studied over the years is what I then brought to the canvas. But, there came a time when these skyscapes no longer fed my soul. I felt my work leading me into intriguing places and I was compelled to follow. That journey has culminated into the work I now create. I call it “Float” painting.

I go into my studio with no preconceived idea of outcome. I use whatever mediums I have to satisfy what pops into my head. I allow the paint to float across the surface using gravity and instinct to guide it. I do this layer upon layer until I have, what I feel is, a thing of beauty.

My hope is that my work will inspire you, the viewer, to linger before the paintings, noticing the beauty of the colors, the light, the textures, until images appear in your own mind’s eye; which will be different for each person. Perhaps you will discuss what you are experiencing with a friend or just hold it for yourself. If you take away with you an image that feels new and fresh, I have done my job.

Thank you for your interest in my work,